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Monday, August 26, 2013

Beez: Gossip girl#0.5- It had to be you
Cecily von Ziegesar 

Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live in luxe Fifth Avenue apartments and attend Manhattan's most exclusive private schools. We're smart, we've inherited classic good looks, we wear fantastic clothes, and we know how to party. We can't help it-we were born this way. 
Our story begins with three inseparable, completely gorgeous fifteen-year-olds, Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, and Nate Archibald. Blair's loved Nate and his glittering green eyes since she was in Bonpoint onesies. Too bad Nate wishes Blair's beautiful
best friend, Serena, was the one with the crush. And Serena has a secret she's keeping from them both. Hmmm, something tells me these best friends may not be as close as we thought. . . . 
How do I know all this? Because I know everything-and lucky for you, I can't keep a secret. So sit back while I untangle this messy little tale and tell you how it all began. 
Admit it, you're already falling for me. 
You know you love me.
gossip girl

My judgement of the book is very biased.
Maybe it's because I am currently watching the 5th season. 
And I love it(ask raven about it- its my mission to make her fall for it too).

Okay so truth be told, as much as I love watching gossip girl I did not like this book that much. 
Its when Blair, Serena and Nate are naive. And knowing what would happen just made me furious cause I couldn't sop it. 

The characters in this book enraged me.
Lets take Nate for instance. He has 2 beautiful best friends and he's utterly in love with one of them. Yet he does absolutely nothing to be with her. And whats more he likes the other best friend too. And on top of that he's always stoned.
In the series Nate is so much better. The only thing I don't like about him is that he doesn't take decisions  But he's a really good guy and would never do anything morally wrong to his family and friends. If I continue I'll probably end up talking about the show so I better stop now and focus on the book.
I felt Nate was stupid and thick in this book. He doesn't decide who he wants to be with though its obvious and he goes around smoking pot with his new friends. I felt like shaking him thoroughly and telling him to open his eyes, what was he doing??!

Blair Cornelia Waldorf.
Blair is my favorite character in the show. I love Blair(I pronounce it like Louis did, because even though I hate him I am a sucker for french accents) because of her everything. I love the way she talks, orders people around, acts bossy, is Queen B, how nothing else matters when she wants something and all of her personality. I love how shes a bitch and has such amazing schemes on her sleeve. Recently I have made up my mind to be like Blair in most ways. Though obviously not full on Blair cause that would be way off base. But it always puts a nice ring to it when I think, "What would Blair do?".
But Blair in this book... 
was not my Blair. 
Blair's almost pathetic in this book. Shes naive, vain and made me want to so badly tell her to stop being like that. I mean who would have thought that this Blair would in the future be in love with Chuck who she very much dislikes at the moment, marry a real prince and also fall in love with the guy who is so stupidly in blind love with Serena(Dan). Blair is also stupidly in love with Nate. Its the kind of love that is mostly one sided(but she refuses to acknowledge it) and pathetic. 
If it weren't for my history with Blair I would have hated her but since there is a part that is so in love with her character on the show I couldn't help but be biased.

I didn't really like any character in this book, period. But there were some parts that were nice. So here they are:
Vanessa in the start. 
Vanessa in the start of the book was cool. She's an amazing photographer(I hope to be one too) and an artist. The way she shaves her head of is soo cool. And that too in front of Blair. Her personality which is a loner and I-don't-care-so-go-fuck-yourself makes her different. Till she falls heads over heels with Dan who's miserably in love with Serena.

There are several things I like about Serena. I like how she's so picture perfect and how people view her as all round perfect. I love that she is a true friend to Blair despite Blair being Blair. I like how even though she loves Nate she doesn't fight with Blair over him. I like how despite being popular she's not rude and is caring. And to some extent her small little bubble world. I feel what she did for Blair was quite selfless. Though its what best friends do for each other giving up Nate just after she has the smallest yet most magical part of him would be. She cares deeply about Blair and can not bear the though of taking Nate away from her cause shes going through a tough time. She's not selfish. 
You could ask what not to like then?
Even though what she did was just be a good friend I think she took being selfless to another level. She suffered and mopped because she let who she loves and who loves her back to someone else.How much ever she loves Blair that was a stupid act on her part. And all those pent up feelings let to other things and what she and Nate did in the end is just way worse. I mean first you're lying to yourself and your best friend and then your cheating on the guy she loves!

That's about it. I hardly liked anything more in this book. Which is why under is a list of my most hated parts which I make gladly.

Overly pathetic Dan Humphrey.
Dan is madly and blindly in love with perfect Serena when he hardly even knows her. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. He sticks drawing of Serena the angel on his wall!!! He starts chain smoking like an idiot. He faints when Vanessa kisses him for the first time!! He has a loser best and only friend. I have no words for him.

Stoned Nate who always thought about having sex.
He has literally thought about sex every 6 seconds!

Insecure Blair.
With shopping with Serena, if S had an amazing something B would be super competitive and hunt down the shop for something better.
Really, B?

Indecisive Serena.
Make up your mind Serena and don't let it bend because Blair's going through a rough patch, cause if she were in your place she wouldn't think twice.

Smitten Vanessa
Did you have to fall for Dan?

I don't really hate Jenny, I just felt like screaming no at her because what she was doing was utterly stupid and she'd regret it so badly. I felt sorry for her. 

After reading this you're thinking that I absolutely hate these series but it couldn't be farther from the truth, I'm totally in love with gossip girl, the series not the book.
And if you're wondering I'm not going to be visiting these book series again or any time soon. And I feel you should do the same and stick to the tv show, its mind blowing-ly fun(ask Raven about it).

Lots of love and super squidgy chocolate brownies

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