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Dream Cast!

R+B := Me before you, Jojo Moyes 



Hugh Dancy as Will, Zooey Deschanel as Louisa, Ginifer gooodwin as Treena, Eric winters as Patrick, Hayden Christensen as Nathan


G:- Wings, Aprilynne Pike

Sara Paxton as Laurel, Alex Pettyfer as Tamani, Gregg Sulkin as David, GĂ©rard Depardieu as Barnes, James Marsden as Shar and Christina Hendricks as Chelsea

R:- Just Listen, Sarah Dessen

Dianna Agron as Annabel, Matt Lanter as Owen, Ashley Tisdale as Kirsten, Ashley Greene as Whitney, Jenna Leah Green as Sophie

R+B:- The distance between us, Kasie West

Jennifer Garner as Caymen's mom, Saorise Ronan as Skye, Young woody Harrelson as Henry, Samantha Munro as Caymen, Rafi Gavron as Mason, William Moseley as Alexander 

Dakota Fanning as Sam, Max irons as Jase, Penn Badgley as Tim, jonathan lipnicki as George
Michelle Trachenburg as sloane, Sean Beardy as Miller, Perez Hilton as Realm, Alex Pettyfer as James, renee olstead as Lacey


Michelle Trachenburg as sloane, Sean Beardy as Miller, Penn Badgley as Realm, Alex Pettyfer as James, renee olstead as Lacey

R:- Sons of fortune, Jeffery Archer

Tim Dekay as Fletcher, John Cusack as Nat, Leah Michele as Annie, Robin Thicke as Ralph, Michelle Yeoh as Su Ling

R:- The fourth Estate, Jeffery Archer

George Clooney as Kieth Townsend, Tom Hanks as Lubji Hoch

B:- Faking it, Cora Carmack

Darren criss as Cade, Mila Kunis as Max, Javier Bardem as Milo. Victoria Justice as Bliss.

R:- Prisoner of birth, Jeffery Archer

Ryan gosling as Danny Cartwright, Daniel craig as Spencer Craig, Chris Evans as Nicholas Moncrieff, Amanda Peet as Beth Wilson, Keanu Reeves as Toby Mortimer, Willie Gason as Gerald Payne, Ben Barnes as Lawrence Davenport.

B:- The moon and more, Sarah Dessen

Add captionVanessa Hudgens as Emmaline, Chace Crawford as Theo, Zac Efron as Luke, Thomas Mcdonall as Morris, Saorise Ronan as Daisy

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