We are-two crazy teenagers-Raven and Beez and on this blog we hope to enlighten you with our hilarious comments on the countless books we have read ;)

Show off ur book

Imagine this page as a museum shelf. 
This is where you keep your books on display for others to look, judge and finally read. 
This page is for anyone and everyone who has ever written a few lines for the world to read and savour. And for those who look for the undiscovered gems waiting to be found. 
Remember, all you writers, writing is an art, not all get it, but it is powerful enough to change the course of those who do. 
Never be afraid, young writer, your time shall come...
Just email us at sasheenvishraf@gmail.com with your book, whatever its social status and we shall place it among other books in our shelves.

My only secret
by XoreolovesmeX

James the popular guy gets a dare to make a nerdy and not-so-popular girl in his school fall for him in 4 weeks. Will he succeed in doing so? Or is luck going to take its turn? some twists and turns?... find out yourself :) #sure to be liked by everyone.

The runaway brat
by ninjapyjamas97

Waiting for the silver lining...
by crazycracker16

Having changed schools three times Alex is tired of making friends. She just wants to live peacefully but with a father who hates her and an all time sneering sister, her mother is the only one beside her... or is she? 

After going through situations that can make you want to kill yourself Alex wonders if love, friendship and happily ever after even exist. But things change after she meets Marcus, but is it for the better or worse?
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Losing Angeline
by crazycracker16

Half Blood
by crazycracker16

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Along came you

Summers coming- and so are a lot of things. best friends Jillian and Fae meet new and different people. some soon to be forgotten but others special. where would you place the delicious Caleb?

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