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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raven: The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest

A magnificent novel by Stieg Larsson

Publication Date: May 25th, 2010
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 563
Targeted Audience: Thriller loving (16+)

Summary: Lisbeth Salander—the heart of Larsson’s two previous novels—lies in critical condition, a bullet wound to her head, in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital. She’s fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she’ll be taken back to Stockholm to stand trial for three murders. With the help of her friend, journalist Mikael Blomkvist, she will not only have to prove her innocence, but also identify and denounce those in authority who have allowed the vulnerable, like herself, to suffer abuse and violence. And, on her own, she will plot revenge—against the man who tried to kill her, and the corrupt government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life.

Once upon a time, she was a victim. Now Salander is fighting back. 

This book is the BOMB! Even though I was slightly disappointed with how it all turned out. I guess after Larsson's first two books I just thought that this one would be more action packed and more... thrilling. I mean it was thrilling but not how much I had expected it to be. It was set on a pretty slow pace. This book could have been completed in 400 or so pages if Larsson had not extended everything.

It has a great plot though. I love the way everything makes sense by the end. Lisbeth's back story is amazing. And I absolutely love the newspaper and magazine thing in the book. I guess after Jeffrey Archer's book-The Fourth Estate- I have always loved the intense tension in the media. Also, the fact that Millenium (The name of the protagonists-Blomkvist- magazine) runs in the hands of a handful of people is just amazing.

My favourite character, without doubt, is Lisbeth Salander. The heroin with a photographic memory, a horrifying past and a computer hacker. It's just that the word pirate and hacker, even if they are bad they seem, sound and appear awesome!

Blomkvist is also a great character but the fact that all ladies like a man above forty with a kind of big belly is annoying. His curiosity to find out things about Salanders past to remove the charges slapped on her is what I like about him. I mean if it wasn't for him, Salander would just be ignored and put into a mental hospital. Again.

Coming back to the plot. It's highly annoying to read the names of places in Sweden. I mean what kind of a person even made those names? Even the character names are annoying. I always get confused between Bjorck (I think it's pronounced Bork like pork)  and Burman. 

The thing I absolutely loved is how the women in these books are portrayed as strong and independent.

And there is one more thing I want to mention. Almost by the end of the book the author is going to mention how one guy took a pic and it wins picture of the year award. I mean it was only a picture of a person with a bewildered face! And I bet he wasn't even handsome. Da fudge??

And there are parts in the book where the Author has written what the character did, like wake up and fry egg and eat toast with a glass of blah blah. It's not even necessary for us to read all that but for some reason I like to read those parts. Makes me feel more connected to the character and makes the characters look like real people and not some imagined character.

The characters in this book are as real as real can be... except for the fact that all women like Blomkvist (Except Modig. I absolutely love her for that) and that women who have enormous biceps look attractive (at least that's what Blomkvist thinks). The love (or shall I say sex) life of these people is so bizarre. It cannot possibly happen in reality... right?

Anyways, I suggest anyone who is above sixteen to read this book. It's a great mystery novel. The kind which you cannot put down. However, if you are planning on reading this book (I am talking about this particular book) then don't read it. Go to your library or book store and get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo first because that is where it all begins. Then go for The girl who Played with Fire and then and only then should you read this book. (You also need a great brain to keep up with the pace of these books and the amount of characters that are introduced to you. Everyone mentioned has a role to play.)

I rate this book a 4.2 only because it wasn't up to my expectation (Don't you see? I have rated it a 4.2 even though it didn't reach my expectations which means that you should totally read it!!) but if you want me to rate the earlier two installments, then I rate them a 4.8 each. Yup, I loved it that much. It's a pity that Stieg Larsson died before he could see his books become a sensation. I would have loved to read more of his works.

Lots of love & Pasta

Monday, August 26, 2013

Beez: Gossip girl#0.5- It had to be you
Cecily von Ziegesar 

Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live in luxe Fifth Avenue apartments and attend Manhattan's most exclusive private schools. We're smart, we've inherited classic good looks, we wear fantastic clothes, and we know how to party. We can't help it-we were born this way. 
Our story begins with three inseparable, completely gorgeous fifteen-year-olds, Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, and Nate Archibald. Blair's loved Nate and his glittering green eyes since she was in Bonpoint onesies. Too bad Nate wishes Blair's beautiful
best friend, Serena, was the one with the crush. And Serena has a secret she's keeping from them both. Hmmm, something tells me these best friends may not be as close as we thought. . . . 
How do I know all this? Because I know everything-and lucky for you, I can't keep a secret. So sit back while I untangle this messy little tale and tell you how it all began. 
Admit it, you're already falling for me. 
You know you love me.
gossip girl

My judgement of the book is very biased.
Maybe it's because I am currently watching the 5th season. 
And I love it(ask raven about it- its my mission to make her fall for it too).

Okay so truth be told, as much as I love watching gossip girl I did not like this book that much. 
Its when Blair, Serena and Nate are naive. And knowing what would happen just made me furious cause I couldn't sop it. 

The characters in this book enraged me.
Lets take Nate for instance. He has 2 beautiful best friends and he's utterly in love with one of them. Yet he does absolutely nothing to be with her. And whats more he likes the other best friend too. And on top of that he's always stoned.
In the series Nate is so much better. The only thing I don't like about him is that he doesn't take decisions  But he's a really good guy and would never do anything morally wrong to his family and friends. If I continue I'll probably end up talking about the show so I better stop now and focus on the book.
I felt Nate was stupid and thick in this book. He doesn't decide who he wants to be with though its obvious and he goes around smoking pot with his new friends. I felt like shaking him thoroughly and telling him to open his eyes, what was he doing??!

Blair Cornelia Waldorf.
Blair is my favorite character in the show. I love Blair(I pronounce it like Louis did, because even though I hate him I am a sucker for french accents) because of her everything. I love the way she talks, orders people around, acts bossy, is Queen B, how nothing else matters when she wants something and all of her personality. I love how shes a bitch and has such amazing schemes on her sleeve. Recently I have made up my mind to be like Blair in most ways. Though obviously not full on Blair cause that would be way off base. But it always puts a nice ring to it when I think, "What would Blair do?".
But Blair in this book... 
was not my Blair. 
Blair's almost pathetic in this book. Shes naive, vain and made me want to so badly tell her to stop being like that. I mean who would have thought that this Blair would in the future be in love with Chuck who she very much dislikes at the moment, marry a real prince and also fall in love with the guy who is so stupidly in blind love with Serena(Dan). Blair is also stupidly in love with Nate. Its the kind of love that is mostly one sided(but she refuses to acknowledge it) and pathetic. 
If it weren't for my history with Blair I would have hated her but since there is a part that is so in love with her character on the show I couldn't help but be biased.

I didn't really like any character in this book, period. But there were some parts that were nice. So here they are:
Vanessa in the start. 
Vanessa in the start of the book was cool. She's an amazing photographer(I hope to be one too) and an artist. The way she shaves her head of is soo cool. And that too in front of Blair. Her personality which is a loner and I-don't-care-so-go-fuck-yourself makes her different. Till she falls heads over heels with Dan who's miserably in love with Serena.

There are several things I like about Serena. I like how she's so picture perfect and how people view her as all round perfect. I love that she is a true friend to Blair despite Blair being Blair. I like how even though she loves Nate she doesn't fight with Blair over him. I like how despite being popular she's not rude and is caring. And to some extent her small little bubble world. I feel what she did for Blair was quite selfless. Though its what best friends do for each other giving up Nate just after she has the smallest yet most magical part of him would be. She cares deeply about Blair and can not bear the though of taking Nate away from her cause shes going through a tough time. She's not selfish. 
You could ask what not to like then?
Even though what she did was just be a good friend I think she took being selfless to another level. She suffered and mopped because she let who she loves and who loves her back to someone else.How much ever she loves Blair that was a stupid act on her part. And all those pent up feelings let to other things and what she and Nate did in the end is just way worse. I mean first you're lying to yourself and your best friend and then your cheating on the guy she loves!

That's about it. I hardly liked anything more in this book. Which is why under is a list of my most hated parts which I make gladly.

Overly pathetic Dan Humphrey.
Dan is madly and blindly in love with perfect Serena when he hardly even knows her. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. He sticks drawing of Serena the angel on his wall!!! He starts chain smoking like an idiot. He faints when Vanessa kisses him for the first time!! He has a loser best and only friend. I have no words for him.

Stoned Nate who always thought about having sex.
He has literally thought about sex every 6 seconds!

Insecure Blair.
With shopping with Serena, if S had an amazing something B would be super competitive and hunt down the shop for something better.
Really, B?

Indecisive Serena.
Make up your mind Serena and don't let it bend because Blair's going through a rough patch, cause if she were in your place she wouldn't think twice.

Smitten Vanessa
Did you have to fall for Dan?

I don't really hate Jenny, I just felt like screaming no at her because what she was doing was utterly stupid and she'd regret it so badly. I felt sorry for her. 

After reading this you're thinking that I absolutely hate these series but it couldn't be farther from the truth, I'm totally in love with gossip girl, the series not the book.
And if you're wondering I'm not going to be visiting these book series again or any time soon. And I feel you should do the same and stick to the tv show, its mind blowing-ly fun(ask Raven about it).

Lots of love and super squidgy chocolate brownies

Beez: Never bite a boy on the first date 
Tamara Summers

I've got a few issues. 
I'm a vampire now.
One of my classmates was found dead, with telltale fang marks. 
I didn't do it! (really!) 
Nobody believes me, so ... 
I'm going to have to find the real killer. I've already got three suspects. (three very cute suspects.) 
One more problem: I am seriously falling for one of them ... but what if he's the killer?

I love this book and its no secret why. 
Cute guys!
Tamara Summers has portrayed this vampire book in a hilarious manner with some very unvampirish commentary by a 16 year old set to investigate 3 very cute guys. i wanted to read this book from a long times because the title is catchy and after reading the summary i knew i had to read this  book. As soon as i started reading it i was hooked.
This book is not vampiry at all. In fact if you omit the blood drinking, the can't be see in mirrors and some other vampire life necessity then Kira is a perfectly normal 16 year old. 

What makes this book mmore so intresting that midst the cute guys and surprise kisses theres a mystery. And you're trying so hard to hang on to every word to guess the killer for yoursellf. And alosng that there are muddled up feeling of who you don't want to be the kiler. Because of course with 3 cute guys as suspects the job goes to a slightly different but higher level.
The whole book is like a fun joy ride. You know in the starting itself that you're going to have a good time with loud laughs and people looking at you like you've gone crazy. Kiras life and charecter are comical. Its a refreshing take on a vampire life style. And she suddenly comments on how good one of the three guys abs look you have to admit this book has wormed its way in your heart. Thsi book is light, funny and absolutly fun in the most different ways. Hats off to tamamara Summers.

Now let me shed some light on the story. Theres a girl. Who happens to be a vampire. A very disgruntled one. And theres a murder. You'll come to know why everybody thiks she did it. So to convince everybody she has to find out who did it. That much you already know.
Now her suspects are all very cute. And Kira thinks the way into a guys mind is through his heart. But shes trying to be careful. Cause one of them might just be the killer.

Now as you all know i am a sucker for cute guys. And i know you are too.
And so its obvious you'll have your favorites.
My favorite was Milo and despite the turn of events i wanted Kira to end up with him and also i desperately wanted him not to be the killer. With his swimmer and surfer body and great abs and cute smile who could resist? And i fully agree with Kira that such a cute guy with that smile can not in any way be a killer. 
Oh how ways turn out!

This book makes me want to blurt out everything about it. But for your sake i'm going to try not to.

From the three suspects, Rowan would be the text book murderer. But we all know that it never is who is most likely to be. Most likely too Rowan will not be many's favorite. Its more of a sad and lets help this poor but cute guy out and discover whats his deal. I was completely sure he was not going to be the killer.
Oh! how wrong i was and what he turned to be!

That leaves 1: Daniel. 
In my view all fingers were pointed to Daniel. Not that i didn't like him. I got suspicious pretty quick and his excuses were seriously lame. But then towards the end i kinda saw him in a new light. And he leaves a possibility of different things I want to know about. 
I am so fervently wishing for a sequel because i want to know so badly what happens and especially to Milo know that he's what he is(it is hard not to just blurt it out)

The killer is as usual some one completely out of the blue. I certainly didn't expect him because he's portrayed in a very non killerish way by Kira. There were-i thought-no subtle hints and there is absolutely no inclination as him as the killer. That might be the only part where the author was not up to mark because when your figuring out a mystery you figure the killer out gradually or at least you have an inkling. But i certainly didn't have a clue. Or maybe its just me.

Whatever be told this book was total fun and even ridiculously so.
So if you're a fan of humor with a dash of supernatural and cute guys, you have to read this book.
Anybody would enjoy this book.
101% guarantee.

Lots of love and smores by a campfire with your imaginary toy boy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beez: Be careful what you wish for 
Alexandra Potter

Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things. Not just big stuff - like world peace, or that Brad Pitt wants her as his next leading lady - but little, everyday wishes made without thinking. With her luck, she knows they'll never come true...
Until one day she buys some heather from a gypsy. Suddenly the bad hair days stop. A handsome American answers her ad for a housemate. She starts seeing James - The Perfect Man who sends her flowers, excels in the bedroom, and isn't afraid to say "I love you".
But are these wishes-come-true a blessing or a curse? Does getting what you want make you happy? And is there such a thing as too much foreplay?

A classic Alexandra Potter. Somehow she takes one idea and turns it into a book! Alexandra Potter is the ultimate chic lit. Her books have ways of being incredible fun and insightful and eye opening. The moral of this book is in its title, Be careful what you wish for. I mean its no secret that every time I see a pair of pretty shoes(or anything) I wish I could have them(I know you do too). And its not that I don't want all my wishes to come true, all I'm saying is that if they did there's hardly any fun in it. And if you read this book, you'll come to know that maybe all wishes coming true doesn't necessarily make you happy.

Let me warn you beforehand that unlike other books in which cute American girl falls for sexy English guy with British accent, in this book cute English girl falls for the American guy. Who happens to be a stand up comedian. Who(stand up comedians, not the guy) Heather hates. I am going to shut up(or stop typing) before I spill all.

Heather is one of those characters that leads a completely messed up life and though that might sound good on paper she is really in need of some vigorous shaking up. Heather's wishes are pretty much a way of convenience(a place in the tube) and honestly there is no need to stop wishing for them. Heather is a comical person. She sends texts in the midnight to ex boyfriends asking if they fancy a shag(she was drunk). Heather is also a wedding photographer(I love them). And always late. Which is how the story begins.

Now let me tell you about Gabe James. James has all the qualities of Heather's perfect guy. Actually before that he was Heather's completely hot neighbor with amazing cheek bones on whom she had a huge crush on but always met in horribly awkward or embarrassing situations. But in the wishes-come-true period Heather without knowing wishes for her perfect man and James asks her out. Because he has also always had a crush on her. 

James is perfect in every way but not so much for Heather. I won't list his qualities and his bad points but to be truthful I didn't really like him. Or I like him but I feel a bit sorry for him(sorry James). But on a side note I felt that he and Jess(the best friend) would be perfect together(don't ask how, I could just picture them looking cute together).

Now the guy Heather falls for aka the american shall not be named(oops) in this review. He shall be called "The guy" from here. The guy is cute, has a weird dressing style, ridiculously funny, and my best part argues with Heather on a totally cute topic that I'm totally not telling. The guy is an utterly fun character and his imperfectness makes him so much perfect for Heather. The guy can make you(and Heather) laugh and can cheer up the most down moments in your(or Heather's) life. The guy makes a very good friend.

This is a teeny-meeny part I did not like.The guy and Heather are very good friends who enjoy each others company, no pressure. I felt that their relationship never had time to develop. Now normally if a girl falls in love with a friend, they have incredibly awkward moments and she has a whole denial period, then comes the by-mistake-deep-heart-eye staring then those few stolen kisses, stammered apologies and finally confession of love from both sides, but this book lacked that. Heather just comes to a realization that she loves him after she has mmmmm(sorry got mute). 
Also I do not like the way they make up. Alexandra Potter could have made it so much more romantic. There are some moments but its nothing like your typical heartfelt moment.

I rate this book a 3.5. I know that after you read my review you'll think how come? but I've never been madly in love with Alexandra Potter. She has the perfect settings but she ticks me off in a few places. Now on my advice whether to read it or leave it...
Honestly its ones own choice. I wouldn't undo my reading it. Its not all romance, its a mixed bag. It totally depends on your mood and genre choice(I don't advice this for Raven types). So honestly(and no offence), do what you want.

Lots of love and donuts

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raven: Princess: A true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia

A (hoax) novel by Jean Sasson

Publication Date: March 1, 2001 
Publisher: Windsor-Brooke Books
Pages: 233
Targeted Audience: Stupid/Easily Manipulated people

Summary: Sultana is a Saudi Arabian princess, a woman born to fabulous, uncountable wealth. She has four mansions on three continents, her own private jet, glittering jewels, designer dresses galore. But in reality she lives in a gilded cage. She has no freedom, no control over her own life, no value but as a bearer of sons. Hidden behind her black floor-length veil, she is a prisoner, jailed by her father, her husband, her sons, and her country.Sultana is a member of the Saudi royal family, closely related to the king. For the sake of her daughters, she has decided to take the risk of speaking out about the life of women in her country, regardless of their rank. She must hide her identity for fear that the religous leaders in her country would call for her death to punish her honesty. Only a woman in her position could possibly hope to escape from being revealed and punished, despite her cloak and anonymity.Sultana tells of her own life, from her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage--a happy one until her husband decided to displace her by taking a second wife--and of the lives of her sisters, her friends and her servants. Although they share affection, confidences and an easy camaraderie within the confines of the women's quarters, they also share a history of appaling oppressions, everyday occurrences that in any other culture would be seen as shocking human rights violations; thirteen-year-old girls forced to marry men five times their age, young women killed by drowning, stoning, or isolation in the "women's room," a padded, windowless cell where women are confined with neither light nor conversation until death claims them.By speaking out, Sultana risks bringing the wrath of the Saudi establishment upon her head and te heads of her children. But by telling her story to Jean Sasson, Sultana has allowed us to see beyond the veils of this secret society, to the heart of a nation where sex, money, and power reign supreme.

Okay, I might be way too harsh with this review but that's only because I have never hated a book more than this one right here. So here goes my rant. 

This book is said to be about Sultana (Not real name) who is a Saudi Princess and even though she belongs to the royal family she is bound by strict rules that define that women are only used for sexual relief and to bear the children for their husbands. And how they are enslaved by their fathers, husbands and brothers. 

First of all, what kind of a person who belongs to a family of famous people would want such intimidate details of her life story (which is different than others, obviously!) to be written by a foreign author and available for publish in abroad? Secondly, how is it possible that when such details were put in a book for everyone to read, how did her family not find it out? 

The facts in the book are obvious enough for anyone to understand that it's fake. 

Fact #1: She said that she wasn't allowed to go into the mosque. Being a Saudi Princess she should have known that Mosques have a separate section for women. 

Fact #2: It's said that women were forced to marry after puberty. I agree that women were (and in some places still are) being made to marry men right after maturation. But it was to avoid going around and having sex before marriage as doing that is unlawful in Islam. But but but I have heard that it's mentioned in the Quran (the holy book of Muslims) that it is the woman who gets to decide when and whom she wants to marry. Remember that it's always the humans who twist rules to fit their requirement.

Fact #3: Woman are given the highest respect in Islam. Women are told to cover themselves so as not to attract the attention of unwanted men but men are not even allowed to look at them with bad intentions as thinking of a bad deed is equal to doing one. And to support this fact, a quote from the Quran itself (translated of course): He who is best to his wife is the best man among you. (However, I agree that polygamy is allowed in Islam but I don't think that anybody in the modern generation follows that as everyone knows that it's difficult enough to handle the expenses and lectures of one woman)

Fact #4: Also a father who educates a minimum of three daughters has gained a palace in Heaven. This is another thing from the holy book that shows that education is not prerogative to women/girls.

Fact #5: There is a story kind of thing that I have heard. It's about this man who asks the prophet "Who is the one worthy of more respect after Allah (The god worshiped by Muslims)? and the prophet says "Your mother".  The man asks one again "Who after that?" and the prophet says "Your mother". Once again the man asks "And who after that?" and the prophet says the same thing again. For the last time the man asks "Who after that?" and then the prophet says "Your father".
This does not mean that Fathers are not respected enough, they are but it's just that Mothers are held higher.

There are many facts that I can go on about (like the one about piercing the vagina or something which is absolutely stupid and I think that the author has just made it up) but I just wanted to tell you guys that anyone who believes in this book and let's themselves be manipulated by it, Islam is not a bad religion. It has given it's followers many rules to follow but it's for their own advantage. Like listening to music and watching movies is not allowed in Islam, it's not forbidden but it's said so as to avoid any thing that takes one away from worshiping their God. I think it's the same for Protestants (I heard that like Muslims they too are supposed to cover their heads, not drink, not have sex before marriage, not worship images or idols of God, not listen to music or watch movies and not wear gold).

I accept that women are oppressed but anyone would be fool to believe that Islam is a religion that promotes it. Women of every religion are oppressed by men of different religions. Just because one man from one particular religion does so does not mean that every man of that religion does it. The same goes for Terrorism.

So this is what I had to say about this book. Since I hate this one so much I don't think I will be reading the other two that follow this one. 

And I won't be rating this one since I have nothing to give it, but I won't be stopping you from reading it either. You can read it for yourself and understand that it's the biggest hoax ever.

Lots of hatred for the author but love and pasta for you guys,

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our first ever guest review!! 
Wings, (Wings#1) 
Aprilynne Pike

Laurel was mesmerized, staring at the pale things with wide eyes. They were terrifyingly beautiful—too beautiful for words.

Laurel turned to the mirror again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head. They looked almost like wings.

In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.

Oooh...this one is a fairy tale, I just love fairy tales. They are all about chiseled, fair prince charming, evil villains and very helpless princesses. But this book has one thing which is so different, that it makes it stand out from all those fairy tales lying in my bookshelf, this book paints an entirely different image of fairies. Read on and you will find out.

Firstly, when my friend told me she had a love story which had fairies in it, I was psyched. She bought it to school the next day. I started reading it and that was it.... I couldn't put the book down.

This story is about a girl (Ok-ok I know every book has one but she is somewhat different) Laurel who is a faerie (yes I know the spelling is wrong) a new type of being as she is also a plant. (Ok I know what you are thinking that I am insane and how can fairy's be made out of plants but believe me its true) Anyways she is from Avalon, a kingdom which is full of faerie beings and is ruled by winter faeries. There are four types of faeire's:
1) The winter faeries who are the most powerful ones in the bunch and they are on top of the hierarchy system
2) The autumn faeries who are also known as mixers and they make portions for the rest of them. These portions are to cure the sick or to overcome the trolls-their natural enemies.
3) The summer faeries like... no love doing fireworks, they are a type who use their powers to entertain the Fae's (plural of faeries).
4) And the spring faeries. Most of them are guardians and the others are the helpers.

The most important thing about these faeries are that their jobs can’t be imitated by other season Fae's like an autumn faerie's work cannot be done by a summer faerie or a human (believe me David tried....oops silly me, I forgot to mention whose David, but don’t worry as always I will be there to save the day). And for shopaholic’s like me, let me tell you that shopping at fairs or markets of Avalon is completely and utterly FREE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

So I should save the day and tell you about David.
Okay so Laurel was like a hard-hit (not exactly like one but somewhat similar to it) She was planted in the human world while she was a sapling (or a baby. But folks let’s not forget that she is a plant) and she was also given a memory portion to forget all about Avalon. She meets David in a school when her family moves into a different city.

Let’s fast forward it people... there is also another hero in this book. His name is Tamani and he is a fellow Fae just like our heroine Laurel.[are you getting my gist here?! ;) ]. So when Laurel starts liking-oh no! I think we past that stage after the first five chapters of the book-loving David, Tamani is given the signal to enter Laurels life. Who is Laurel going to choose finally.... I kept on wondering but you don’t come to know this in this part, there are 3 more parts left to it and the last part will tell you all about Laurels decision!!!!

So people in team David (he is sooo cute) please raise your hands and all the Tamani fans (including me) (god he is gorgeous) please stand up!!
No story goes smoothly for long; there is always a stone in its path, what say you people?! Well this story has one too but over here it’s a troll who won’t stop at anything to take the land Laurel's family owns because it has the gate to Avalon. He can go to any lengths so people be aware not to get on the bad side of this or any other troll.
This is all the major things this story is about and if you wanted the story to keep surprising you with all its suspense you should have thought about it before reading this review.... cause I can never stomach anything. I have to blurt it out. Nevertheless there are some parts I forgot to mention so you can read and find it out.

Lots of love and Nutella,

Dream Cast!!

Sara Paxton as Laurel, Alex Pettyfer as Tamani, Gregg Sulkin as David, GĂ©rard Depardieu as Barnes, James Marsden as Shar and Christina Hendricks as Chelsea

Monday, August 12, 2013

Beez: The catastrophic history of you and me 
Jess Rothenberg

Dying of a broken heart is just the beginning.... Welcome to forever. 

BRIE'S LIFE ENDS AT SIXTEEN: Her boyfriend tells her he doesn't love her, and the news breaks her heart—literally. 

But now that she's D&G (dead and gone), Brie is about to discover that love is way more complicated than she ever imagined. Back in Half Moon Bay, her family has begun to unravel. Her best friend has been keeping a secret about Jacob, the boy she loved and lost—and the truth behind his shattering betrayal. And then there's Patrick, Brie's mysterious new guide and resident Lost Soul . . . who just might hold the key to her forever after. 

With Patrick's help, Brie will have to pass through the five stages of grief before she's ready to move on. But how do you begin again, when your heart is still in pieces?

Aah. I love books like these. They make you laugh, smile, giggle and burst up any moment. Before even telling you about this book, i shall say this, You have to read this book(this goes for Raven as well). 

When i was reading this book, i could not put it down. I was glued to the screen. A screen shot of a page is even my current wallpaper(one of Patrick's Latin phrases). This book is the story of what happens to Brie(yes the cheese) after she dies. And let me tell you if life after death is that fun, then i cant wait to die.

So when Brie dies(which she totally doesn't want to because of the afore mentioned perfect life) she starts to undergo the 5 stages of grief(which, thank you Patrick, i had totally forgotten). But wait i missed a very important point here: how did Brie die? By a broken heart. Literally and figuratively. When her boyfriend breaks her heart, the heart in her body literally cracks. And then she dies.

While watching her own memorial service, her 3 best friends sing her a beautiful song(btw all chapter names are song names; i know, so cool) and her little brother says a few lines and Brie is shouting at them to listen to her but nobody can hear her and even though she cries Noo, they bury her, and so begins the next part of her story: after life.

A little slice of heaven(a pizza place) turns out to be heaven for Brie. Over there she meets Patrick, guy from the 70's, with a motorcycle jacket and charm that Brie is st first immune to. Then it begins. Let me spill an awesome thing of heaven, you can wish for absolutely anything and BAM you have it. The first stagge id denial. In denial Brie knows whats happened but refuses to acknowledge it and enjoys all the pleasures of heaven. 

Then the next stage is Anger, which is the best stage. Brie is angry at Jacob who broke her heart. Then when she drops on earth to pay him a visit she discovers a string of things that get her more angrier and makes her do some totally mad things. Now i'd elaborate but then it would spoil the book.

It is your job to figure out what happens next but let me warn you what you think happens next does not happen next. There is a twist in the end and makes the book exactly how is sounds, whirl wind, and super fun ride.

My favorite character: without any doubt Patrick. I love Patrick. I love his oozing charm. I love the way he calls Brie nick name(cheeseburger, Angel, Lil Lady, and my fav cheeto). I love his "motorcycle jacket" which Brie makes fun of the entire time. I love how he loves her and i love how he makes me laugh. Patrick is an amazing character. I feel Brie does kind of an injustice to him. But then Brie has her own life(or unlife) to figure out. And i thought it was utterly stupid he went to that island(don't remember the name, sorry i'm suffering from short term memory loss) to die die and gives up on Brie when hes been waiting quite a lot of time.

Cheesy, romantic, stupid, what not to read? 
Pick it up now folks, its time for a visit to the other side.

Lots of love and pizza(the kind you get in heaven)