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Monday, August 26, 2013

Beez: Never bite a boy on the first date 
Tamara Summers

I've got a few issues. 
I'm a vampire now.
One of my classmates was found dead, with telltale fang marks. 
I didn't do it! (really!) 
Nobody believes me, so ... 
I'm going to have to find the real killer. I've already got three suspects. (three very cute suspects.) 
One more problem: I am seriously falling for one of them ... but what if he's the killer?

I love this book and its no secret why. 
Cute guys!
Tamara Summers has portrayed this vampire book in a hilarious manner with some very unvampirish commentary by a 16 year old set to investigate 3 very cute guys. i wanted to read this book from a long times because the title is catchy and after reading the summary i knew i had to read this  book. As soon as i started reading it i was hooked.
This book is not vampiry at all. In fact if you omit the blood drinking, the can't be see in mirrors and some other vampire life necessity then Kira is a perfectly normal 16 year old. 

What makes this book mmore so intresting that midst the cute guys and surprise kisses theres a mystery. And you're trying so hard to hang on to every word to guess the killer for yoursellf. And alosng that there are muddled up feeling of who you don't want to be the kiler. Because of course with 3 cute guys as suspects the job goes to a slightly different but higher level.
The whole book is like a fun joy ride. You know in the starting itself that you're going to have a good time with loud laughs and people looking at you like you've gone crazy. Kiras life and charecter are comical. Its a refreshing take on a vampire life style. And she suddenly comments on how good one of the three guys abs look you have to admit this book has wormed its way in your heart. Thsi book is light, funny and absolutly fun in the most different ways. Hats off to tamamara Summers.

Now let me shed some light on the story. Theres a girl. Who happens to be a vampire. A very disgruntled one. And theres a murder. You'll come to know why everybody thiks she did it. So to convince everybody she has to find out who did it. That much you already know.
Now her suspects are all very cute. And Kira thinks the way into a guys mind is through his heart. But shes trying to be careful. Cause one of them might just be the killer.

Now as you all know i am a sucker for cute guys. And i know you are too.
And so its obvious you'll have your favorites.
My favorite was Milo and despite the turn of events i wanted Kira to end up with him and also i desperately wanted him not to be the killer. With his swimmer and surfer body and great abs and cute smile who could resist? And i fully agree with Kira that such a cute guy with that smile can not in any way be a killer. 
Oh how ways turn out!

This book makes me want to blurt out everything about it. But for your sake i'm going to try not to.

From the three suspects, Rowan would be the text book murderer. But we all know that it never is who is most likely to be. Most likely too Rowan will not be many's favorite. Its more of a sad and lets help this poor but cute guy out and discover whats his deal. I was completely sure he was not going to be the killer.
Oh! how wrong i was and what he turned to be!

That leaves 1: Daniel. 
In my view all fingers were pointed to Daniel. Not that i didn't like him. I got suspicious pretty quick and his excuses were seriously lame. But then towards the end i kinda saw him in a new light. And he leaves a possibility of different things I want to know about. 
I am so fervently wishing for a sequel because i want to know so badly what happens and especially to Milo know that he's what he is(it is hard not to just blurt it out)

The killer is as usual some one completely out of the blue. I certainly didn't expect him because he's portrayed in a very non killerish way by Kira. There were-i thought-no subtle hints and there is absolutely no inclination as him as the killer. That might be the only part where the author was not up to mark because when your figuring out a mystery you figure the killer out gradually or at least you have an inkling. But i certainly didn't have a clue. Or maybe its just me.

Whatever be told this book was total fun and even ridiculously so.
So if you're a fan of humor with a dash of supernatural and cute guys, you have to read this book.
Anybody would enjoy this book.
101% guarantee.

Lots of love and smores by a campfire with your imaginary toy boy

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